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Vacanza di 20 persone in una casa vacanze Belvilla

There is no other destination suitable for a summer vacation for 20 people as much as the coast. Whether you want to stay in your country or go a little further, the sun, the sea and the sand are the ideal starting point for a very pleasant holiday with 20 people.


Sperimentate una vacanza sportiva, rilassata o confortevole con 20 persone

Are you and your large group going to choose destinations like the south of France or Italy? Then your vacation could be made up of a series of trips to different beaches and lively towns. It is often not necessary to search far to find beautiful hiking trails or a challenging cycling route.

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Vacanza invernale per 20 persone

Even a winter vacation with a group of 20 can be a lot of fun. If your group is made up of adults and children you will of course have to take this into account when it comes to choosing your holiday home for 20 people.

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Vacanza in famiglia con 20 persone

Do you like going on vacation with your brother, your sister, your nephews, your cousins ​​and their families? Before you know it, you have a group of 20 family members and are completely busy finding a good destination. The key thing to find out is where everyone would like to go.

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Vacanza con gli amici di 20 persone

Going on vacation with a large group of friends requires detailed preparation. A group of 20 people is a nice band, but it also means that the activities you want to practice are quite diverse. When it comes to accommodation, a bungalow for 20 or more people is often a good choice.

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