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4 persone case ad FARHULT
4 persone case ad FARHULT
4 persone case ad FARHULT

4 persone case ad FARHULT

Skåne, South of Sweden, Sweden

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Area: 35.0 m²
Casa vacanze
An accommodation for those who love the sea and nature! Just a few hundred meters from the beach awaits this incredibly well-planned and beautiful cottage that was completed in 2022. This place is for those who love to swim, walk, bird watch, play golf or discover all the incredibly beautiful places that are a short drive away. The cottage is suitable for a smaller group but is still large enough for 4 people. For a family or 2 couples, considering how well planned this cabin is, it suits many. You are welcomed directly into the kitchen, which is quite spacious. Here, you can easily stand and cook in the pleasant kitchen. There is also a living room with a double sofa bed that is very comfortable. You will be surprised how spacious it is in this place! The nice bathroom has what you need for a holiday.
All material choices are made with care to create a pleasant stay where you can feel good. Outside on the large terrace there are seating options, and you can also enjoy the lawn behind and around the cottage. Here you can bask in the sun and grill something to complete your stay. The cottage has a private entrance as you can see in the pictures, and you can park outside the cottage by the gravel road according to instructions from the owner. The large cabin next door is sometimes used. The cottage is on the Kulla Peninsula and is located between Höganäs and Ängelholm, a perfect location for exploring both the Kulla Peninsula and the Bjäre Peninsula. The Kulla peninsula offers the hill's lighthouse, the picturesque village of Mölle with super cozy restaurants and the excursion destination Nimis, which offers serious climbing. One can also visit at least 2 wineries. Something to explore while still in the area is the Bjäre Peninsula, which has become famous for its potato fields, and it is not infrequent that the first new potatoes of the season are delivered from here. Vegetables, meat and potato vodka is locally produced on a small scale and gives a feeling of love and quality when you visit one of the many farm shops. In Torekov's picturesque harbor there are many small restaurants. From the harbor there are ferries to the island Väderö. Here you will find a magically beautiful nature reserve. The town of Ängelholm offers an exciting mix of small specialty shops, exclusive boutiques and several large chains. Welcome to an incredibly lovely place that lets you experience Skåne in the best way!
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Family DC Guest·16 mar 2022

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